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Last updated: 09/01/2015





At easyJet we like to make travel easy and affordable, which is why you can find the answers to most questions and instructions on how to manage your booking online here in our support site. You can also use the search bar to help find the answers you need. Remember that purchasing flights and making changes to bookings is always cheaper at, compared to via our call centre, with our £15/€18 per flight online discount.

Every week we receive around 60,000 calls and emails from our customers. Below are our five most commonly asked questions as well as the number of contacts we receive on an average week:-

Instant flight departure and arrival information (Flight Tracker) - 8,000 contacts
Change the date or route of your flight - 6,000 contacts
Correct a spelling mistake in a passenger’s name - 4,000 contacts
Add hold luggage to a booking - 5,000 contacts
Cancel a flight or booking - 2,000 contacts

We also have some handy videos which help explain why we do what we do.

If you still need to speak to one of our customer service agents, please click here.

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