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Allocated seating – seating plans

Last updated: 10/06/2013

How do I select or change a seat?

Our entire fleet consists of Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.


 Airbus A319

 Airbus A320

 Rows 1 - 26

 Rows 1 - 31



Extra legroom - Rows 1, 10 & 11

Extra legroom - Rows 1, 12 & 13

Upfront - Rows 2-5 <

Upfront - Rows 2-6

Standard - Rows 6-9 & 12-26

Standard - Rows 7-11 & 14-31



Image   Image



The maps featured are representative of seating configurations on board and may help you to choose the best seats for yourself and the people you're travelling with.


Extra legroom seats (highlighted as 'XL' below) are in the front row and overwing exit rows of each aircraft. Please note:-


1. Overwing exit seats are emergency rows and are not suitable for customers who are pregnant, disabled, mobility impaired, under the age of 16 years or who require a seat belt extension.


2. Seats 1D, E and F (front row, right hand side of the aircraft) have a partition (bulk-head) in front of them.


Upfront seats are located behind the first row of each aircraft and generally permit passengers seated in these rows to be among the first to disembark when the aircraft arrives at its destination.


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