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Last updated: 19th December 2014 14:00 GMT




Major changes to London train services between 20th December and 4th January
easyJet have been informed of major works taking place to rebuild London Bridge station which will affect services across the rail network during this period. Please check National Rail Enquiries to plan your journey.


Ebola update 
There has been widespread media coverage of the outbreak of the Ebola virus affecting the countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and the recent cases in the US and Spain. The health and safety of our crew and our passengers is our number one priority and therefore we want to make sure we share the most up to date information we have with you. The likelihood of a passenger who is infected with Ebola travelling on any airline in Europe is extremely low. There are a number of checks at the airports in the affected countries to prevent people from travelling.  In addition, the risk that a passenger has been exposed to the disease is also extremely low – they would have had to have visited one of the three affected countries and been in direct contact with a severely ill sufferer of the Ebola virus or someone who has died from it. We’re in contact with the relevant authorities in all the countries we fly to and from to ensure that we have the most up to date information and we will ‎update this travel advice section if their guidance changes or if any new measures affecting our passengers are introduced.

Luton Airport  
February 2014 - April 2015
There are major road works being undertaken to improve the link from the M1 to London Luton Airport and ease congestion. If you are travelling from London Luton Airport, please make sure you allow extra time. The road works will take over one year from February 2014 and Local Authorities are putting in place a number of diversions in order to minimise the disruption.

Motorists are advised to follow the signed diversion routes and allow extra time for their journeys. 

For Further information please visit the London Luton Airport website  or here .

Casablanca airport – Terminal change
From 01st November 2014
easyJet would like to advise all passengers travelling to and from Casablanca airport that from 01st November we will be moving our operations from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. All flights before that date will operate to and from Terminal 2 as normal.

Krakow Airport Terminal 1 Maintenance works 
20th November 2014 to 30th June 2015
We have been informed by Krakow airport that they will be undergoing maintenance works on terminal 1 arrivals area between 20th November 2014 to 30 June 2015.  Your flight will now arrive to terminal 2 which is closely situated to terminal 1 approximately 500 metres 4 to 6 minute walk alternatively there will be a shuttle bus between the two.  

Rest of network

The rest of the network is operating normally. We always recommend That You check the flight tracker before heading to the airport to avoid any unnecessary disruption.


Flight Tracker Live Updates about your flight
As part of our promise to be open and upfront with you, you can now use our Flight Tracker tool to get the latest information about your flight. Our Operations Centre use this to Provide up to date information about your flight and if there are issues That may impact your journey.


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